Accept magnetic stripe, EMV Chip contact/contactless, and NFC payments* anytime, anywhere.

Transform your mobile device into an easy-to-use and highly secure point-of-sale. Encrypt sensitive data at the point of interaction, identify counterfeit cards before authorization, and deliver in-person or remote touch-free invoicing. Ready to accept secure data entered over the phone with manual entry, QR-codes via invoicing, or in-person with a swipe, tap, or dip of a card, or from tap and go mobile wallets and wearables. Streamline the payment process today.

Increase Sales.

Accept credit and debit cards on the spot using your Apple or Android mobile device or your PC. Connect the card reader, open the app, swipe/dip a card and send the receipt. You’ve just made a sale and the funds are on their way to your bank account.

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eDynamo chip card reader for iPhone

Decline Fraud with Counterfeit Card Alert

Save Money.

Counterfeit credit and debit cards are on the rise and you shouldn’t have to pay for it. QwickPAY can identify fake cards and give you the ability to stop fraud at the point of swipe, before the sale is processed. And your customer’s sensitive card data is always encrypted at the point of swipe, so it's never in the clear.

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Track Transactions.

All your data is safely stored in the cloud, where you can easily view and print your sales reports, transaction data, and saved receipts.

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Accept Credit Cards and Manage Transaction Reports

*Acceptance is dependent on select processors.