Get Started

Ready to start using QwickPAY? Follow these 4 easy steps.

1. Purchase

Fill out the contact form to request a new QwickPAY account and secure card reader kit. An Authorized Service Provider will supply you with your preferred card reader(s) and send your QwickPAY login credentials via email.

2. Download

Download the app:

Download QwickPAY on the App Store Download QwickPAY on Google Play Download QwickPAY on Amazon App Store

Launch the app and go to Menu > Merchant Info to enter your credentials, or login to the Virtual Terminal on your web browser.

3. Customize

Add your company logo, address, and return policy to your custom receipt by accessing the Virtual Terminal on your desktop. For detailed instructions, click here.

4. Connect

Connect the card reader to your iOS, Android, or desktop device. Click here to read more about connecting your card reader.

Need more help? Check out the FAQs.